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HPE Oneview 2.0 apply profile failed

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HPE Oneview 2.0 apply profile failed

Hi All,

i have been working with OneView 2.0 for some weeks now and i had no major issues, just today we removed a Blade 460 G9 server from the enclosure to add more memory and reinsert it.

from that moment on we cannot apply the profile it was working with.

the error we get is: release power lock

Unable to communicate with the server,

the iLO ip is working fine, we reset the bay, reset the iLO update the Enclosure from Oneview, reapply the Profile and still we get the exact same error.

the profile/server was working with no issues until we remove it to install memory.




Re: HPE Oneview 2.0 apply profile failed

Hello @ChrSim, and welcome to the HPE OneView Community forums.

It appears that you may have run into a known issue with iLO4 firmware and/or Intelligent Provisioning that causes Server Profile timeout issues.  I would make sure that your servers are running at least iLO 2.42 firmware, and that Intelligent Provisioning is at 2.30 or greater.  You can view this information in the iLO4 Web Management interface.

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