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HPE Oneview , SNMTP


HPE Oneview , SNMTP



Hi every body, please helpme with this consult to find a solution


HPE Oneview Use "SNMP".

"community strings" as passwords to control access. Some Cisco IP/VC Videoconferencing System models have been found to have hard-coded SNMP community names. This vulnerability could allow a remote attacker to gain full control of an affected device.


Disallow SNMP trafic to the affected device at the closest possible point. This can be done by blocking traffic on UDP (User Datagram Protocol) ports 161 and 162. Note: Blocking these ports disables all configuration and traps to/from the device.

But the problem is because hp OneView Use  snmp for discover error and send  some information.

Any idea to fix this vulnerability.





Re: HPE Oneview , SNMTP

The vulnerability you are referring to is vendor specific, which is Cisco and specific devices..  So attempting to disable SNMP is not supported with HPE OneView, the vulnerability does not impact HPE OneView.

I am an HPE employee

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