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HPE Oneview and alerting

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HPE Oneview and alerting

Does anyone have any experience with modifying the current alerting rules that can be set up in HP OneView.  Although HP says that this product is an HP SIM replacment it is no where near ready to be.  What  I want to be able to do is alert on limited and critical type alerts.  For example:  Every time an HP server that is managed by OV is rebooted it kicks out a series of alerts that are not required.

We use our HP SIM configuration to alert our on-call staff for hardware failures such as memory or disk issues.  I've found no way to modify OV to accomdate those needs.  In other cases we can even go into HP SIM and modify the MIB's relative to the severity of it's problem.  OneView does not allow this.  I understand from class that you can use REST programming to make these type of modifications.  Has anyone had any luck with this or do you have any clear cut examples of what can be done?


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You have several alert criteria which you can choose from, for example notifying only the "status: critical" alerts.

In the E-mail, notification screen creates an email alert, then go to Edit Alert Email Filter screen (the small green pen on the right) and choose whatever best fits for you and your organization.

You will probably have to give it a few tries until it fits.


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