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HPE - Oneview v. 4.20.02 running google analytics?

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HPE - Oneview v. 4.20.02 running google analytics?

Hi everyone..

is it just my version of HPE Oneview that is running with google analytics?

Looks like it's contacting google when you are browsing enclosure or some settings, not from all views.

Found shell-require.js, 12.5 MB javascript file thats looks like the file doing the requests.

I cant find any settings to disable this "feature"..



Re: HPE - Oneview v. 4.20.02 running google analytics?

HPE OneView 4.20 introduced integration with Google Analytics. Anonymous user interface usage data is transmitted from a user’s browser to Google Analytics which allows HPE to understand how the product is being used and how to improve it. No personally identifiable information is collected by HPE. 

Users opt-in to OneView’s usage of Google Analytics when accepting the OneView End-User License Agreement (EULA). The EULA includes a link to HPE’s privacy policy (https://www.hpe.com/us/en/legal/privacy.html#datacollection) which also  describes how a user can opt-out of Google Analytics tracking.  OneView Administrators can also opt-out of Google Analytics tracking by using the Settings->Security->Actions menu->Product Improvement dialog. 

Additional background:

  • The information gathered is standard Google Analytics data with the only addition being the version of HPE OneView being used.
  • HPE OneView Global Dashboard also integrates Google Analytics as of the 1.5 release.

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Re: HPE - Oneview v. 4.20.02 running google analytics?

Hi Chris

Thanks for your reply, found the setting and it "works" when disabled.

Didnt see it when i was going through the settings