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HPOneView dosn't show a problem

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HPOneView dosn't show a problem

Today I noticed that one of the disks in the server DL385 G7 shows the failure. Unfortunately there is no trace of this failure on the HP OneView. I refreshed the connection to the server, but it did not help. Status still is healthy. In addition, OneView HP sees this as a 1U server even though it has a 2U.

I can see this falure in ILO.


HP OV: 1.20.05-0201918, Jun 2, 2015

ILO3: 1.85


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Re: HPOneView dosn't show a problem


Re: HPOneView dosn't show a problem

Yes, the DL385G7 reporting as 1U is a known issue and will be fixed in a future update.


As for your HD failure issue, what OS are you running on the host?  If anything other than VMware ESXi 5.x/6.x, you will need the Insight Manager Agents installed and configured.  If you are running ESXi 5.x/6.x, there is no solution at this time.  iLO3 requires the OS SNMP stack to generate and provide SNMP Alerts.  If you performed an SNMPWALK on an iLO3 or older management processor from baremetal, you woulnd't get any response.  Once the agents are installed, iLO will passthrough the SNMP request to the SNMP agents running on the OS.


Gen8 and newer have an SNMP stack, and provide an agentless management/monitoring approach over older ProLiant generations.

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