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HPe OneView Mod Options

I would like to first say, overall I love one view. It's freakin awesome, it has its issues but overall I love it. I'm just a basic coder so far I'm just getting really good with HPe iLO cmdlets and HPe OneView Cmdlets. However, I can see there is soo many things it can improve on and I would like to help/create sort of an open-source mod add-on to the HPeOneView engine. Of course, HPe doesn't have to support me or support the idea however it would be helpful if you guys can lead me where I can get started. I know with my current skill set, it's going to take time to learn all the front end development skills but I'm just doing this for fun at this point and I feel I can learn a lot doing this project.

At the basic level, I would like to modify the welcome screen with the world map/U.S. map with the dots of all the data center location. Then move onto the datacenter area and add tons of more options such as NCP, Visio template of all servers and etc...

How does one access the backend of the hpeoneview appliance? Does hpe make it simple for me to inject/load mods or do I basically have to hack it?

P.S. if you can't share/help with this I understand.



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Tha k you for your passionate thread here. Unfortunately, we do not endorse, nor support a method to add the customization you are asking about. If you don't mind, I will reach out to you via private message.

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