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Re: Help with alert email filtering

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Help with alert email filtering


We currently have multiple oneview servers running on version 4.10.03.
We are using the Alert email system to send out alerts to different teams. 
The issue we are having currently is that we can't figure out how to filter the emails before they get sent out. 

As it stands now the teams are receiving multiple alerts for leaf certificates and other things that aren't relevant to them. How would we go about setting up a filter where we can by default send out all alerts and then specify specific alerts that we would like to not send out? 

status:critical status:warning NOT unable NOT certificate

I tried to do it by using the NOT operator and the first word of the alert or the whole name. This had no effect though. 

Thankful for any links or assistance.

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Re: Help with alert email filtering

You can create filtering for email alerts in HPE oneview by creating scopes

Referece : https://support.hpe.com/hpsc/doc/public/display?docId=emr_na-a00037746en_us&docLocale=en_US

Page 78

page 92 lists the categories of resources that can be added to a scope. Some categories of resources cannot be added to a scope.

You may create a scope from the setting menu . Please refer to the below link


 For any further assstance, Please log a support case with us using the below link




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Re: Help with alert email filtering

Thanks for the answer. This doesn't really help me though. I would like to filter by type of alert, not by type of machine. 
For example i would like to get alerts for failing disks, but maybe not for network errors.