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How to safely remove SUS that is associated with Server Profiles?

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How to safely remove SUS that is associated with Server Profiles?

I created a DMZ SUS that I associated with 2 Flex NICs that are in a Network Set and associated with 31 Server Profiles.   I decided to not include DMZ on blade servers.   I never connected the Uplinks in the DMZ SUS.  Consequently,  OneView is reporting connection errors for the DMZ NICs on all associated Server Profiles.

Any chance I can remove the DMZ Sus from the Interconnect Group and then update the Interconnects from to remove the SUS which would remove it from the Server Profiles without having to modify all of the Server Profiles?

If there is no easy way to do this,  if not,  is there an easy way to supress this specific error message?






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Re: How to safely remove SUS that is associated with Server Profiles?


An Uplink Set is not provisioned to any Server Profile.  It simply defines what network(s) are associated with what Uplink Port(s).  If you remove the Uplink Set from the LIG, then perform the Update From Group Action at the Logical Interconnect(s), you will still need to edit your Server Profiles to remove the Network Connection(s) or edit the Network Set to remove the DMZ networks.

If you chose to use Network Sets, then that would not require any downtime. If you chose to directly assign a DMZ network to a Connection, then you will need to power off the server to remove the Connection, as HPE OneView doesn't have any 'Unassigned' option.  If you choose to leave them in your Server Profiles, they would be treated as Internal VC Networks.