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How to stop sending email alerts.

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How to stop sending email alerts.

In Oneview, is there a way not to send out alerts for only certain servers during a specific timeframe?  The reason why I am asking is our customer is doing maintenance on servers and not communicating to us which then generates a bunch of alerts which causes many people to get involved to later find out that the customer had a planned outage that was not communicated to us.  Thanks


Re: How to stop sending email alerts.


The only way to stop these alerts are by removing SNMP configuration from those servers. Once the maintenance is over, SNMP can be reconfigured.




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Re: How to stop sending email alerts.


 try this ..

1. create label for the servers that you want to disable the alert 

2 . from setting Tab  select Scopes and create a new scope 

3 add all the server you want into this scope by sellectin Add resouces >  from drop down select the Option Scopes 

and add the previos scope that you created  

4. go to the setting options > Create a new Alert Email filter  in the Tab Alert Criteria  select Guided and from the drop down Select the Status: Critical  ( you can add more than one settin ) 

5. From same page select Resource Scope  the new  Scope name you Created and Confirm the Ok 

6. try to create some allert for the server for check the setting works

this way i hope that only error massage will pop out and if the server is ok so nothing wii happend