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Huge JBoss logs (10GB)?

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Huge JBoss logs (10GB)?

Hi everybody,

I'm running out of space on the machine where HP OneView for VMware vCenter is installed.

It's the third time when I'm increasing the space on this machine but I already have almost 250GB filled with JBoss logs under C:\Program Files (x86)\HP\HP OneView for VMWare vCenter\JBoss\standalone\log.

I see there files like server.log.2016-10-30 as big as 14GB. Is it safe to delete them? Or how to proceed to keep to limit the size of the logs?

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Keith Urry

Re: Huge JBoss logs (10GB)?


Just to add, I'm having the same problem with the server log file and also with SupportData.log (currently 15GB).

It seems to be safe enough to delete them but presumably the logging options can be changed in jBoss. So far I've been unable to find out how to do that.