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Hypervisor manager configuration in ONEVIEW

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Hypervisor manager configuration in ONEVIEW

Dear all


i have a question about one of the options in hpe one view admin panel in hypervisor manager:

i have added my vcenter to hpe oneview via hupervisor manager tab

i am using virtual standard and visrtual distributed switch

esxi management and vmotion are using standard dwitch

My vms traffic is crossing via distributed switch thus using VDS

now according to attach pic what does following means ?

what is difference if i enable all parameters in vswitch type standard = enable

or in distributed mode select all of them enabled ?


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Re: Hypervisor manager configuration in ONEVIEW

no one can not help me ?


Re: Hypervisor manager configuration in ONEVIEW


The pic shows the default preferrence setup during the 'Add Hypervisor Manager' operation. You may change the preferrence as per your requirement.

With your configuration where vMotion is serviced thru Standard vSwitch, it makes sense if you enable it under Standard vSwitch, Provided if you want to take advantage of Multi-Nic vMotion {which will double your vMotion speed and it only costs you some extra IPs}. Below KB from vmware which will give better understanding of the Multi-Nic vMotion configuration.

Hope that helps.

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