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Import existing production C7000 Chassis


Import existing production C7000 Chassis

Is it possible to import existing production C7000 chassis configuration into OneView without erasing it configuration?


Re: Import existing production C7000 Chassis


This is not possible with the current HP OneView 1.01 release we are however evaluating this for a future release.
If you now (forced) import the enclosure with a current VC config then that config will be wiped out!


For current VC/VCEM configuration that needs to be managed by OneView it would be the best to review the HP OneView Deployment and ManagementGuide as available on: http://h20628.www2.hp.com/km-ext/kmcsdirect/emr_na-c04040086-1.pdf. The best suggestion is to export the CLI: SHOW CONFIG output and use that to build an equal HP OneView configuration.

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Re: Import existing production C7000 Chassis

We have HP C7000 two enclosures and one HP oneview version 1.20 ESXi Z7550-01588 version.

At this pooint C7000 enclosures already deployed and we need  HP OneView to import the configuration.

Please advise how it  can be done. Also how we can configure SNMP for sendiing the Alerts to either HPOpenView/ Zabbix or anyother SNMP server.  If so what MIBS we require to use in external SNMP servers and what method to enforce  these MIBS is required.

We need this urgently  as we have several HP7000 going to be managed by HPOneView.

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Re: Import existing production C7000 Chassis


What do you mean when you say that you want to integrate with HP Oneview, is that OMU, OML, BSM or OMI ?

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Re: Import existing production C7000 Chassis

If you want to use OneView instead of VCM for management, the latest version of OneView provide VC migration.

If you want to monitor the C7000 enclosure and keep using VCM for management, please add enclousre with the "Monitoring" option.