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Importing existing BaldeSystem enclosures into OneView

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Karl G. Johnson
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Importing existing BaldeSystem enclosures into OneView

When I tried to add an existing enclosure with blades & virtual connect modules I get the following message:


Unable to add enclosure: kstosc-XXXXX

The enclosure is already claimed by another management system (http://XXX.XXX.XXX/).
Adding this enclosure will make it unmanageable by the other management system and will remove any configuration previously applied.

To forcibly add this enclosure, specify the force option and add the enclosure again. Learn more


How do I add my enclosures without loosng all the Enclosure and Virtual Connect Uplnks, Networks and Server Profile configurations that are already present?






Re: Importing existing BaldeSystem enclosures into OneView

Hello Karl, and thank you for your question.


Unfortunately, migration from Virtual Connect or Virtual Connect Enterprise Manager is not possible today without a complete rebuild, and will require downtime.  As you may or may not know, HP OneView is THE manager of Virtual Connect, with Virtual Connect Manager "turned off", unlike the Virtual Connect Manager and Virtual Connect Enterprise Manager relationship (which is a manager of managers architecture.)  I would encourage you to read the Transitioning a Virtual Connect Configuration to HP OneView Whitepaper that outlines the processes available (an update to that document is being finalized, as the one available is still for the HP OneView 1.00 release.)


The HP OneView product team has recieved plenty of customer feedback from other channels to provide tools to assist customers and partners with migration.  Please stay tuned as we will have an announcement about a migration tool that will be built upon the HP OneView PowerShell Library.

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