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Intelligent Provisiong and HPE OneView


Intelligent Provisiong and HPE OneView

About Intelligent Provisioning old versions and HPE OneView.

I can clearly see that this is a problem when updating servers from OneView. We must update Intelligent Provisioning first and then the servers are able to update fine.

This is a time consuming operation since, as far as I know, it is not possible to update Intelligent Provisioning from inside OneView.

What is the status on this?


/Mikael Christenson


Re: Intelligent Provisiong and HPE OneView

Hello Mikael,

There are no plans to have OneView support managing Intelligent Provisioning updates.

What version of OneView and generation of servers are you managing?  Starting with OneView version 3.0 a bootable SPP is used as an automation environment to boot, to make modifications such as BIOS and/or local drive configuration.   The bootable SPP replaces the need for Intelligent Provisioing.  This applies to Gen8 servers onward and SPP version 2016.10.0 and up.


Re: Intelligent Provisiong and HPE OneView

@micke_christenas @whiteatwork stated, there are no plans to manage Intelligent Provisioning (IP) updates from HPE OneView.  HPE OneView no longer requires IP, as we use bootable SPP's to perform maintenance if needed.  Gen10 no longer needs to boot into either IP or a bootable SPP to configure hardware, only perform offline updates for iLO5 1.15 and older.  Starting with iLO5 1.20 and newer, it introduces Install Sets to perform offline updates.  HPE OneView will utilize iLO Install Sets in a future release.

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