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Interconnect firmware update

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Interconnect firmware update

Hi all, 

Just a quick question.   We'll be updating the firmware on our interconnects on our c7000 Blade enclosure.   

I know that the option for odd/even is best so we don't get netwok outages - should this option be set for both ethernet and fibre also?  The default in OneView seems to be odd/even for the ethernet ports, then serial for the fibre ports.   

Firmware will be staged before activation. 

Need to have zero outages if possible....

Cheers !! 


Re: Interconnect firmware update

The reason why the different default activation setting is because the vast majority of customers have only 2 VC FC modules. Serial is simply the default option if you have OneView 4.10 or newer.  You can change the Activation from Serial to Odd then Even if you want.  Serial is the least disruptive, but could take the longest depending on how many modules need to reboot (which is what Activate does.)  This is discussed in the Online Help by clicking the ? in the upper right of the Update Logical Interconnect Firmware screen, and then selecting the "About activating firmware options" link.  Or you can review that here online.

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Re: Interconnect firmware update

Thanks for the prompt reply! We're only using 2 VCs. I'll use serial for both if that's the least disruptive, not to worried about it taking longer if it'll keep everything online.

Cheers, much appreciated.