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Latest Version of Oneview?

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Latest Version of Oneview?

I've gone to check, and the latest download of oneview says the filename is "HPE_OneView_5.00.02_update_Z7550-96807.bin", and i've checked my oneview appliance and its running version "".

Is that the same version? I'm assuming it is, but I wanted to double check



Re: Latest Version of Oneview?

Looking at this: https://support.hpe.com/hpesc/public/docDisplay?docId=emr_na-c05148671
It seems that there are both those versions and the 5.00.02 is a later release

I'm on 4.10.05 and wanting to check my upgrade path but doesn't look like .05 is on that matrix..

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Re: Latest Version of Oneview?

@cesarpegadothat is NOT the same version of the appliance you are currently running.  Applying HPE_OneView_5.00.02_update_Z7550-96807.bin to your appliance will upgrade it from your version to 5.00.02-0418011, which is the latest release version. Please be sure to read the Release Notes for 5.00.02 thoroughly, and of course all standard upgrade caveats apply - backup Oneview and snapshot the vm appliance at every step along the way for easy rollback if you run into an issue.

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Re: Latest Version of Oneview?

Hi @cesarpegado , 


No, Both are different versions.

HPE_OneView_5.00.02 is a later version. 

Please refer to the document below: 




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