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Launch Console (via pull down menu) as Read Only user


Launch Console (via pull down menu) as Read Only user

Currently I give read-only access in OV to a user and adjust the iLO HPE SSO "User Privileges" settings similar to "Operator Privileges" so they have read-only access in OV but still can Power/Reset and mount images once connected to the iLO (after selecting the iLO address within the hardware view") it would be more friendly if the "Actions", "Launch Console" option was available. Any thoughts on this or a better way todo this? Basically I don't want users to make any changes within OV or iLO but do want them to have access to mount an iso and powercycle there own servers [Scope feature]. If I make them server operator within OV they get to much access (OV/iLO).

Re: Launch Console (via pull down menu) as Read Only user

HI Mainecoone

Well considering your requirement I see that read-only is the only better option compared to other useraccounts and roles. Understand that they do get options to still power/reset and mount images when connected to ilo, but if you need more options to be added like "actions" "Launch console"  then this would come in as enhancement request to the product and may be if you inform this to the account manager with a detailed business justification with elaborated requirement then the R&D team should be able to help out.

Apart from this it all works as per design and below are the detailed features on user account and roles.



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