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Licensing error

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Licensing error

I See more then enough license in the pool. All servers are licensed locally with a ILO Advanced license. Still i see the e licensing error... Please advise how to solve this annoying issue.


Grtz Peter


Re: Licensing error

There are two differ0ent license types of HP OneView Advanced: one that includes an iLO Advanced key (named "HP OneView Advanced") and one that does not include the iLO Advanced key (named "HP OneView w/o iLO Advanced".)  Since you have purchased HP OneView Advanced licenses and already have iLO Advanced licenses added to your servers, the appliance will want the HP OneView Advanced w/o iLO Advanced.


You have two choices:


  1. You can choose to ignore the message, although you will continue to be nagged that you don't have enough licenses.
  2. You can remove the iLO Advanced license keys from your servers, and let HP OneView deploy the iLO Advanced license key you paid for when you bought the HP OneView Advanced licenses.


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