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Licensing issues

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Licensing issues


I'm having problems with the licensing side of this.

So we installed the "free version" of hp one view. and i've recnetly got some servers in, which i was told the licenses should allow one view. So i've added them to oneview as managed servers. But when i look at server hardware - it shows the license as "HP OneView Advanced w/o iLO" Is that what i should be seeing? doesn't the w/o mean with out?

When i go to settings, under licenses i HP OneView Advanced w/o iLO - 0 available?

Am I missing something? other than licenses ...

Do you buy the iLO advanced licenses and they include this hp one view access?




Re: Licensing issues

What you refer to as the 'free version' is called HPE OneView Standard.  That license entitles customers to Monitoring only.  Since you stated you added new servers as Managed, that mode requires an HPE OneView Advanced or HPE OneView Advanced w/o iLO Advanced.  Yes 'w/o' means without.  Why does it report that license type?  Because you have a valid iLO Advanced License installed.  The HPE OneView Advanced without iLO Advanced is a reduced cost license.

The iLO Advanced license does not entitle any customer to use HPE OneView.  You must purchase an HPE OneView license.  I would talk with your HPE account team or HPE Partner about HPE OneView licensing in greater detail.


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