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Login with credentials from AD trusted forests

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Login with credentials from AD trusted forests


As far as I have been able to tell, there is no way to allow Active Directory users from one domain the ability to login to oneview using groups from another trusted domain that they are a member of.

For example.

Domain A is a resource domain controlled by one set of administrators.

Domain B is a user domain controlled by a different set of administrators.

Domain A holds the groups that are used by OneView. These groups have users added from Domain B


Is there any way to do this that I have missed? If not, are there any plans to work this into a future release? I am using the 2.0 version of OneView.





Re: Login with credentials from AD trusted forests

As long as the user accounts in Domain B can bind to a DC in Domain A to perform group validation, it should work.  I have not tested this myself.  You'd be adding the Domain Security Groups from Domain A, and referencing the DC's in Domain A.

HPE OneView utilizes an LDAP client for AD and OpenLDAP authentication.  HPE OneView does not support Kerberos ticketing, which would ceratinly help more in your situation.  I can tell you that we are looking at Kerberos support in a future release, but cannot comment on if and when we would introduce support.

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