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Mail Notifications



Is there a test function available in 1.2 for mail notifications?

This function was working and we were receiving fine, however has since stopped, an error is produced statin only that it failed to connect correctly.


Is there a more detailed log and/or test function for mail notifications that would allow us to troubleshoot



OneView 1.2 / Exchange 2010 SP3



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Re: Mail Notifications

When you add an SMTP configuration, the appliance will look in DNS for the MX record of the email address domain you provided.  You can override this by checking the SMTP Options checkmark, and provide your SMTP host FQDN and the TCP Port it uses (HP OneView doesn't support Secure SMTP BTW.)  HP OneView doesn't send or have the capability to senda test SMTP message.  You could create a filter for a generic inventory alert, which an email should be sent.


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