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Maintenance mode for Servers


Maintenance mode for Servers

Is there a way for HPE OneView Version 3.10.07 to put a server into maintenance mode? Every time I take a server power off for maintenance, I get error messages.

Neighborhood Moderator

Re: Maintenance mode for Servers

Unfortunately, there isn't a way to suppress these alerts.  We are looking at ways to improve this experience for our customers.  But I do not have anything to share in a public forum at this time.

Fraser Campbell
Occasional Advisor

Re: Maintenance mode for Servers

This is a very badly needed basic feature, it seems we have 2 choices:

  • constantly see alerts as server is under known maintenance
  • disable notifications completely when planning maintenance (error prone and could mean missing legit issues)

Please consider implementing ASAP.  Using release 4.00.07-0330056.

I would also suggest there should be a way to set maintenance mode in bulk.  For example, if we have well defined hostnames, we should be able to search Server Hardware section for hostname:*hadoop* or similar, select all matches and put in maintenance for specified time period.


Occasional Visitor

Re: Maintenance mode for Servers


has this feature already been added in the meanwhile? Just beginning with OneView and miss that maintenance mode as known from VMware etc.