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Max size of datacenter

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Max size of datacenter

I manage a datacenter with 500 racks 53'x203' in size.

the max length in OV is 163' which isnt long enough to accurately represent 48" in cold isle and 36" in the hot isle.

Is this a limitation of the evaluation license?

How do I speak with someone in HPE OpenView team?

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Re: Max size of datacenter

Doing some fiddling with the width and depth, the max on both is 164.042.

Enter a value between 3.3 and 164.042.

Odd that HPE would presume a datacenter would not be longer or wider than 164.042 feet!

Also odd that this is NOT mentioned in any documentation.

So for now I need to represent my layout in OneView that doesnt match the actual DC layout.



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Re: Max size of datacenter


Its not  a limitation of the evaluation license .

i think that it your rack mount server have ONEVIEW LIC you can try to  open Service Call 

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Re: Max size of datacenter


As you have posted few more topics with reference to OneView Rack Management, We request you to please raise a HPE support ticket with HPE technical team so that we will try address all highlighted issues regarding OneView Rack Management.

Please access below link to find the HPE technical support number to raise support case with HPE.


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