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Migrate C7000 chassis with Gen9 servers


Migrate C7000 chassis with Gen9 servers



Is there a script available to migrate a chassi with Gen9 servers inside? The script on Github that are named to VCtoOneView.ps1 generate a error and will not generate any scripts.

As I understand OneView version 1.20.05, that we have here, does not support migration of chassis with Gen9 servers inside.


Do I have to generate all scripts by my self from the beginning. Cust have 6 chassis...



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Re: Migrate C7000 chassis with Gen9 servers

HP OneView 1.20 does not support migrating Gen 9 Server Profiles when attempting to migrate from VCM to HP OneView.  You can create a script that will "read" a VCM Server Profile via the VCM CLI.  However, you won't be able to create it within HP OneView until a matching Gen 9 Server Hardware Type is present.  So that means you will have to claim an enclosure with a BL Gen 9 server so the Server Hardware Type is created, so you can then create your Gen 9 Server Profiles (assuming all source BL Gen 9 servers are the same model and have the same adapters in the same layout.)


Also, the VCtoOneView PowerShell Script you found is for HP OneView 1.10 only.

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