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Missing Part/Serial Number?

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Missing Part/Serial Number?

Here's a strange one.  I have an BL460c Gen9 blade whose enclosure has been monitored by OneView for about a year without incident.  This week I find a OneView alert "Unable to determine whether the UUID of the server is valid. The server hardware is reporting an invalid Serial Number."  Odd.  Sure enough, the serial number field on this blade is blank!  I add a serial number, power cycle the blade, and now OneView is complaining about an invalid product ID!

Is this a known issue?  Nobody has replaced the motherboard in this blade!


Re: Missing Part/Serial Number?


are the firmware of the OA, OV and server are up to date?

If yes, you can try re-seating the OA module and OA tray coz, there could be instances where the product ID and serail number were not registered properly.

Was there any activity like OA firmware update or OneView firmware update carried out?
If not what changes made to the server / OA or Oneview prior to this.?

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