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Monitoring discrepancy iLO4

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Monitoring discrepancy iLO4

I recently installed Oneview version 3.00.05-0271823 for vSphere (ver. 6.0).  I have been able to add a couple of enclosures for monitoring.  I did some tests to determine how hardware alerts would show up on the console by pulling drives from our BL460c Gen9 blades.  On some of the blades I was able to generate the "Physical drive status is now failed" for some of our blades while others simply gave me a message "The server is reporting a Degraded system health status" indicating that it found a error message in the IML.  

Why am I getting different messages from these servers?  The blade giving me the drive failed message is and ESXi host while other is a Windows server.  

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Re: Monitoring discrepancy iLO4

I think I figured this out.  Under Administration -> Access settings the SNMP Trap port was not set to 162.  I changed it and it seems to be working.