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My Experience of Crash & Rebuild

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My Experience of Crash & Rebuild

This is my experience of OneView crash and rebuild.


The VM crashed after multiple update attempts. On the first attempt the update process was stuck at 30% for almost two hours. The second attempt was completed quite fast but the VM never came up. I deployed the OVA file again (1.10.03) and started the update to 1.10.07 but this time I chose 'upload only' instead of 'Upload and Install'. The update was completed in an hour without any issues.


I had no backup and I had to rebuild everything again. The auto-generated addresses were different than the pre-crash addresses. I added custom ranges starting with the MAC address and WWWN of the server in bay 1 which had ESXi 5.5 U2 on it. Midway through a forced import of the enclosure I lost connection to the servers. All addresses in the new profiles matched the previous configuration. Everything worked fine once the servers were powered on.


After the update to 1.10.07 my Active Directory groups worked the way they were supposed to work.

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Re: My Experience of Crash & Rebuild



Just did the update from 1.10.03 to 1.10.07 without any issue. Took in total 33 minutes including the restart of Oneview...





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Re: My Experience of Crash & Rebuild

this time I chose 'upload only' instead of 'Upload and Install'


Unfortunately, this is a known issue. This was supposed to be fixed in 1.10.07.  Also, what browser and version were you using?


Typical updates can take around 45min for the appliance.

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Re: My Experience of Crash & Rebuild

I was on Chrome.

Version 39.0.2171.65 m