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Re: Need some SUT guidance

Kerry Quillen
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Need some SUT guidance

Forgive my ignorance but need some guidance around deploying full SPP to Windows servers.  Been using Oneview since version 1.x.  90% of our managed servers are Vmware hosts.  The majority of the others are Windows.   We create and upload into OV custom SPP’s for Firmware only deployments.  Every time we deploy a firmware update on a Windows server via OV, we immediately follow that up with a manual full SPP install in order to get the remaining drivers, utilities, etc.  I know SUT can be used to eliminate this 2 step process but, call it a senior moment, I can’t seem to wrap my head around the process.  Where do the SUT get installed/reside?  Is there a white paper or deployment guide available?  SUT For Dummies? We are currently running OV 4.20.02.  Windows servers are a mix of 2008, 2012 and 2016.  All run on DL380’s Gen8 – 10. Thanks in advance.


Re: Need some SUT guidance

SUT, with the exception of ESXISUT for Gen8 and Gen9, will be installed as a service within the host OS.  Think of it as the Windows Update Service client, or VMware Tools that is installed within a VMware VM.  It acts as a broker between OneView and the server to install the included and applicable components within the baseline.

So, for your Windows servers, you would download the iSUT or SUT version for Windows, and install it manually, script to automate, or embed it within your OS build process.

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