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No default gateway out?

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No default gateway out?

I have a OneView configured C7000 chasiss that has 8 BL460c G9 servers that have been in operation for a bout a 2 years in a semi production state. I had one of my networking guys add an additonal VLAN into our preconfgured Network set that has about 9 VLANS in it. Its a process we have done many times in the past. After he made the changes we suddenly lost network access into the blade enviornment and from the blade enviornment out. After about a days worth of troubleshooting we were able to now ping all the internal blades resolving their static addresses that I guess I might need a little explination on how that is occuring since I have no response from the default gate way of the specific subnet that these blade servers are on. Before I venture into the HPE support Laybirth I thought maybe some one might be able to point me in the right direction to check. The odd thing is that everything is green and connected but really isn't telling me that underlying issue which peice am I missing. 

In a typical server profile which I have a Blade 460c G9 with Flex LOM 650 and 650M. The Flex LOM 650 is the primary network which is setup as Port 1 FlexibleLOM 1:1-a and Port 2: FlexibleLOM 1:2-a. Based on the mappings that's how it looks? Outiside of this configuration is tehre any other location I need to verify that is related to the servers ability to communicate to the interconnect?   


Re: No default gateway out?

Based on your description, there isn't much you are providing to assist.  Can you be more specific on your Server Profile Connection configuration?  You mention that FlexLOM1-1:A and FlexLOM1-2:A are assigned to a network, but then mention that you added a new Ethernet Network to a Network Set which is when you lost network connectivity.  When you say you "can't access the default gateway", is that for the Ethernet Network you just added, or existing Ethernet Networks?

Can you also tell us what HPE OneView version you are using?

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Re: No default gateway out?

At a guess, and seen similar things before.

I think somehow you've remapped your network set to a different NIC. So the networks are there, you just have the wrong NIC/VLAN configuration in the OS to what Virtual Connect is presenting.

Virtual Connect has no idea about gateways so problems like this are always....

VLAN tagging in the OS

VLAN Tagging to NIC presentation