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Not reporting HDD Failure

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Not reporting HDD Failure

Hello, bit of an odd one this.

We had a HDD failure on the 25th of this month, but OneView did not send an email alert.  I noticed in person today of issue by looking at the server.

I logged into OneView and the status for that server was Green (OK) I done done a refresh and then it reported as critical.

Shouldn't OneView be checking all the servers every so often?

I must admit we do only have the free version of OneView, so maybe this is expected behaviour?

Thought i'd mention this, the appliance was running on version 4.2, so I've just installed the pre-upgrade .bin file and now updating to the very latest.


Re: Not reporting HDD Failure

HPE OneView does periodiclly check for health status if an alert (SNMP trap) is not received within a 20 minute window.  It is really difficult to say why this particular instance happened, and unfortunately I am unable to provide you with an answer here.  If you experience this again, I would certainly open a support case.

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