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OMW -- HP Openview for on windows

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OMW -- HP Openview for on windows

I'm a jr sysadmin for our company's linux\unix team. Due to our huge hardware contacts with HP management has picked hp's openview (OMW) for our system monitoring (also being used by the windows team). There is a dedicated monitoring team that owns OMW and a few other tools (in other words the sever teams don't manAppvalleyge the software).

The problem is the monitoring team does not have much training on the details of this software they know how to do the basics and not much else. My sever teaTweakboxm has come across 2 issues that the monitoring team has not gotten answers to.

1: How can an openview event be filtered based on the mountpoint the event occurred on.

For example, when our data base mount points fill up we get notifications that the mount point is filling up, yet this is user data and we can't touch it. We would like those notifications to get passed to the oracle team and not the sysadmins.

2: When using the omw web GUI it takes 3-5min to look at a severs messages. They claim this has to do with the number of nodes we have active with OMW (450 ish linux 50 ish Unix).

Is there a way to speed this up? would a hardware upgrade help, the monitoring team claims it's a limit in the software but they are really not sure.

Anyone here have experience with OMW? Any tips a tricks I can give to the monitoring team to make me look like a hero and fix their problems (really my teams problems).


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Re: OMW -- HP Openview for on windows

Openview is no longer owned by Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE).  It got spun off a few years ago and is now owned by Micro Focus Group.

You might try posting out on one of their support forums


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