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OV4VC - vCenter 6.5.0A - No HPE Management

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OV4VC - vCenter 6.5.0A - No HPE Management


OV4VC HPE Management does not appear within vCenter 6.5.0a Web Client (flash based).

I am using vCenter 6.5.0a and OV4VC 8.1.0. I recently upgraded from 6.0U2 where everything was working. This upgrade requires you to re-register OV4VC. I did that after ensuring the MOB ExtensionManager showed no HP elements. It did not. Then, in OV4VC, I removed the old vCenter server and added the new vCenter server. OV4VC says everything is fine. When I look in the MOB ExtensionManager I see no registered HP extensions. This is born out by the fact that there are no HPE Management additions to the flashed based Web Client.

Between all this, I did clear the cache and cookies. Nothing changed.

8.1.0 says it should work with 6.5, but I do not see how if it does not register.

Any ideas/thoughts/logs I can look into?


Edward Haletky



Re: OV4VC - vCenter 6.5.0A - No HPE Management

Same issue for me too, although I have a brand new vCenter 6.5 appliance. I deployed the OVA and added my vCenter 6.5 instance to the appliance, but I can't see the plugin anywhere. The manuals have no mention of plugin installation, they just say it "should be installed", except no step I've taken involves installing a plugin. I have checked the extensions list under the managed object browser in vSphere - there are no entries in there relating to HP(E).

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Re: OV4VC - vCenter 6.5.0A - No HPE Management

you must use ov4vc 8.2 with 6.5 nor 8.1


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Re: OV4VC - vCenter 6.5.0A - No HPE Management

Funny up until a while ago the 8.1 said it supported 6.5, glad they changed that. Now just waiting for 8.2 to be released.