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OneView 1.20 and Virtual Connect FW 4.40

OneView 1.20 and Virtual Connect FW 4.40

It seems that VC FW 4.40 is not supported in OneView version 1.20.


Is it like this and if so when will it be a patch to OneView  version 1.20 to support VC FW 4.40?




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Re: OneView 1.20 and Virtual Connect FW 4.40

HP OneView supports VC firmware differently than what we have done in the past.  There were certain Virtual Connect Manager restrictions that prevented mixing mutliple VC firmware bundles.  HP OneView can support the 4.40 release, just none of the new features introduced until an update for HP OneView has been released.  You can deploy VC 4.40 to your enclosure today, and HP OneView will accept it. HP OneView documents the minimum required firmware in the Support Matrix.  Take a look at Chapter 1.2.2 (Page 8) of the HP OneView 1.20 Support Matrix and you will see two tables documenting the minimum requirements.


If you take a look at the REST API (GET at /rest/interconnect-types), you will see that the maximumFirmwareVersion version for Virtual Connect interconnect resource types are set to 4.99.  For instance, this is the Virtual Connect Flex-10 Interconnect Resource Type from the REST API of one of my 1.20 appliances:


type                    : interconnect
downlinkCount           : 16
partNumber              : 455880-B21
downlinkCapabilities    : {Ethernet, Flex10_4SubPort}
portInfos               : {@{portName=d5; portNumber=5; pairedPortName=; portCapability=System.Object[];
                          uplinkCapable=False; downlinkCapable=True}, @{portName=X8; portNumber=24; pairedPortName=;
                          portCapability=System.Object[]; uplinkCapable=True; downlinkCapable=False}, @{portName=X2;
                          portNumber=18; pairedPortName=; portCapability=System.Object[]; uplinkCapable=True;
                          downlinkCapable=False}, @{portName=d10; portNumber=10; pairedPortName=;
                          portCapability=System.Object[]; uplinkCapable=False; downlinkCapable=True}...}
unsupportedCapabilities : {}
minimumFirmwareVersion  : 4.10
maximumFirmwareVersion  : 4.99
description             :
status                  : OK
name                    : HP VC Flex-10 Enet Module
state                   : Active
created                 : 2015-01-07T20:10:57.198Z
modified                : 2015-01-07T20:10:57.209Z
eTag                    : 327fc912-1cb9-40b7-9b84-6b3f2f7470f1
category                : interconnect
uri                     : /rest/interconnect-types/fcd35253-bd59-4e62-b5fd-ab72b393f1b0


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Re: OneView 1.20 and Virtual Connect FW 4.40

Hi Chris,


when attempting to migrate an enclosure from VCM 4.40 the following error message is displayed. This is with OV 1.20 or the currently latest version of 1.20.3


Unable to test the compatibility of migrating enclosure: {{IP ADDRESS}}
Virtual Connect firmware version 4.40 is not supported.
Resolution: Upgrade the Virtual Connect firmware version to at least 4.10 and no later than 4.3x before proceeding with the migration.
I couldn't see anything in the documentation for POST/rest/enclosures to indicate a way around this limitation. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated
kind regards,
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Re: OneView 1.20 and Virtual Connect FW 4.40

Sorry for the late reply.  This is a limitation to the VC Migration feature of HP OneView, and not the actual product.  The only workaround would be to downgrade the VC firmware, perform the migration, then upgrade back to 4.40.

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Re: OneView 1.20 and Virtual Connect FW 4.40

HI Chris,


I can't fint out VC firmware to downgrade. Could you please get link to dowload VC firmware ?