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Re: OneView 2.0: Temperature notification

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OneView 2.0: Temperature notification

Hello, team.

Can OneView send warning or critical notification about my enclosure temperature? If yes, how I can know when it will happen (what is the temperature)?

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Re: OneView 2.0: Temperature notification


I hope that you Config the Alert Mail to your Enclosure , it will send you Email notification for degreded status on your system .

regarding the one view ...

you can find  central temperature info of your farm if you add Data Center Map

you can ADD it from 

Oneview > Facilities > Data Center > Add data center 

Usually when you add enclusore to Ov it add the rack automatic you just need to position the Cabinet 

end edit the Enclosure loction it the cabinet 

the cabinet will be colored respectively you temp .... 

when you will point the Enc you will see the Temp info

soo .. if the Enc will be degreded by Temp we will get Alert Email  from Enc

and you can see the info from Ov


hope it will help