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OneView 2.00.07 support wildcard certificate?

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OneView 2.00.07 support wildcard certificate?

I am running HPE OneView 2.00.07-0250853 and I'm trying to create a CSR so I can use my company's wildcard cert, but I'm unable to edit the CN field to include the * character, and when I try to add *.mydomain.net  as an Alternative name it will not let me - indicating "Specify valid hostnames or IP addresses."  I could simply issue the CSR leaving the CN name as the appliance's FQDN and have it be overwritten when importing, but I'm not sure if the OneView appliance will then allow me to import a request with *.mydomain.net and I'm hesitant to try it and risk breaking something.

Does anyone know if it is possible to use a wildcard cert with OneView, and if so, how would I do that?


Re: OneView 2.00.07 support wildcard certificate?

No.  HPE OneView does not support a wild card certificate for the appliance itself.  Not many appliances do, as that isn't a very secure method for SSL policies.  Yes, a lot of websites do, but not many enterprise customers find wildcard certificates to be very secure, as the wildcard certificate itself can become compromized.  This is based on direct customer feedback.

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