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OneView 3.10 - 3.10.07-0310774 - Perfromance Data

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OneView 3.10 - 3.10.07-0310774 - Perfromance Data

Hello All,

We are getting requests everynoe and then from our customer for perfromance analysis and heathl indicators.

From the server side, application side, Network side, SAN side and storage side this is no issue, but as far as OneView is related we are always getting to our limits.

The analysis is quite limited, I can look at error counters and the dashboard but real time data and or bottlle necks and connections touching their limits are nearly impossible to identify in OneView.

Any idea on howe to get these information out of OneView.

Look forward to hearing from you.



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Re: OneView 3.10 - 3.10.07-0310774 - Perfromance Data

I know how the mapping - server distribution is done on 4GB VC-FC module!

see attachment:

How is it done on a 8GB/20Port or 8GB/24Port module?

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Re: OneView 3.10 - 3.10.07-0310774 - Perfromance Data

Sorry for the delay in coming back to you, but we have had a bank holiday here in Germany and I was out of office.


Thank you very much for your answer.


It is good to know that the FC-VC modules uses the originator “FLOGI” for the the connection establishment.


However, my problem is that I need to verify which Blades is using which uplink port.


For our possible “Slow Drain Device” issues it is not good enough that we know the the uplink ports are working properly and are not saturated.


I need to be able to proof that the blade in Bay one is using uplink port X!


As we are not in control of the SAN and Brocade SAN-Switches we have no other way to verify that we are clean.


I need an answer which I can use to inform the customer, even if it is not possible to verify that.


From my experience it should somehow be possible to get an view how thwe blade connects end to end to the SAN.


I can see which downlink port (Server to VC) is used!

I can see which uplink port is used (VC to Brocade SAN-Switch)!


I need now to know which connection is used (Server-Downlink Port to VC-Uplink Port!



Look forward to hearing from you.