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OneView | Assinging licenses to servers

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OneView | Assinging licenses to servers


Is it possible to assign OneView advanced licenses to servers that already exist in OneView which are currently using standard licenses.   

Documentation states that the licensees should get assigned automatically once applied to OneView but this is not the case.

It seems I have to remove the server, then re add and select the advanced license. Obviously this isn’t ideal on 100+ servers.

All the servers did have ilO licensses when originally configured.



Re: OneView | Assinging licenses to servers

License assignment is automatically handled based on the following:

  • If an iLO or OA embedded HPE OneView Advanced or HPE OneView Advanced without iLO Advanced license is found, the appliance will attempt to immediately apply the license found, if the resource is added as a Managed device.
  • If no embedded license is found, then the resource will be licensed based on the intent of adding the resource and is selectable by the administrator.
  • If the resource is a BL server, then the license intent is taken from the Enclosure itself, and discovery of the server is handled automatically based on the server inserted event.

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