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OneView Configuration Maximums


OneView Configuration Maximums


I need to clarify on something here.

On the support matrix for OneView 2.0, it states that the total number of servers that can be supported is 640. If I am going to add the servers to OneView without assigning any profile, will I get restricted by the "Unassigned Server Profiles" configuration maximums which is 100?

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Re: OneView Configuration Maximums

The 100 Unassigned Server Profile maximum has no impact on the maximum number of Server Hardware resources an appliance can monitor/manage.  If you notice in the Support Matrix doc, we state that a maximum of 740 Server Profiles are supported; 640 Assigned and 100 unassigned.  This was for customers who would create an unassigned Server Profile, and copy it as a template of sorts.  With 2.0 supporting Server Profile Templates, that practice really isn't needed any longer, as copying a Server Profile has no association to its peer.  Any changes are independant of each other.  Unlike creating a Server Profile from a Template, which will have inheratence and compliance tracking.

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