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OneView Email Notifications


OneView Email Notifications

I am trying to set up email notifications in OneView - but cannot find how to set up email as follows:

Servers hosting application 1 go to administrators of application 1

Servers hosting application 2 go to administrators of application 2

Servers hosting application 3 go to administrators of application 3

As it is - it appears that administrators for all applications get email notifications for all servers.  This would result in lots of unnecessary email for everyone.

Also - how can I set specific errors (ie specific hardware issue such as a bad hard drive) to go to specific groups?

I have looked for documentation but have not found anything except a few blurbs on how to set up email and basic filters.

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Re: OneView Email Notifications

SMTP resource filtering is based on the Smart Search values you could use when searching the appliance.  Basically, it is a filter that is run against the appliance Index.  So, if you were wanting to look for some Servers in a specific enclosure,  you could use the following filter:


If you wanted to search for activity of a resource or resources that match a particular string, you can use this filter:

name matches Enclosure\*, category:tasks

You can look at the REST API documentation an Index Associations and the Common Parameters on syntax or other methods to search.

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Re: OneView Email Notifications

I have been working on trying to get all of this to work for the last three weeks and finally figured out how to get this done.  I have AD integration so users is not an issue.  The main issue after that was getting the proper server notifications to the proper teams.  Each time I would put a filter (ie.  name:Enclosure1) it would fail to send any alerts.  Same with server names and specific errors.

The fix - I dropped the portion "name:" and all works - so now - instead of using "Smart Search" or "RestAPI" language, I put only the name of the enclosure, server, error and all goes to proper teams with no issues.

Example - In OneView - Settings -> Notifications -> Edit -> Alert email -> Filters -> Edit -> in the filter box I put (without quotes or parentheses) "Enclosure1 ServerName Critical" or " ServerName BL460c" (or just any single item) and all works properly.  The proper admins get the notifications for their machines only.