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OneView Enhancement requests

Rune J. Winje
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OneView Enhancement requests


is there a way to log a OneView Enhancement Request?

Ran into an issue with Enclosure Policy for blades.

Basically if you choose "OneView Advanced w/o ILO" there is no way to override - even if it may be quite common to add new blades at a later time where the logical choice is OneView Advanced (which includes ILO Advanced).

There seems to be no way to change enclosure policy without exporting and importing the enclosure which means unacceptable downtime, so this needs to be fixed.

I can understand the developers thought to protect the customer against inadvertently applying and consuming an extra ILO Adv license to a server that lready has ILO Advanced, but there should be an option to override - for example in cases of urgency where the customer only has OV Advanced licenses and would need to order OV Adv w/o ILO with associated long order times purely to match Enclosure Policy.




Kerry Quillen
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Re: OneView Enhancement requests

More space for uploading firmware bundles or better yet, the ability to increase on demand.


Re: OneView Enhancement requests

The forums here are not really the right place to request product enhancements.  We advise customers to talk with their HPE account sales team or channel partner account team.

As to the request for increasing the baseline repository size, that feature is coming with the 3.0 release, which we announced back in June (at HPE Discover 2016).  Increasing the repository cannot be done while the VM is powered on due to the method we implemented.  A reboot of the appliance is required in order to increase the repository volume size.  We will only support incrasing the VMDK/VHDX from 170GB to 275GB, which will increase the repository from 12GB to 100GB.  There will be no inbetween.

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