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Re: OneView Licensing Clarification


OneView Licensing Clarification

I'm a little confused with how OneView Advanced licensing works.

Is having an iLO Advanced license for each rack mount server not enough? Do I have to manually take the EON and register it at https://myenterpriselicense.hpe.com in order to get the OneView license?

What about enclosures? Same thing? 

What can I do if I can longer find the EON?


Re: OneView Licensing Clarification

No, an iLO Advanced License does not entitle any customer to use HPE OneView.  The iLO Advanced License is required by OneView only when you need to monitor power and thermal utilization, which is the very same model Insight Control Power Management needed.


Did you purchase the HPE OneView Advanced license with the server, and was it shipped from HPE Factory?  If so, then the OneView Advanced license would be embedded within the iLO, so no need to visit out license portal to generate a license key.  Otherwise, yes, you need to generate the license key and add it to the appliance, which will then add the license to the pool.

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