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OneView Managed Enclosure Support for Non-VC Interconnects

Kelly M Knowles

OneView Managed Enclosure Support for Non-VC Interconnects

I recently ran into an issue on an upgrade of one of the OneView appliances that I maintain that was causing a failure upon upgrading from 3.0 to 3.1.  I opened HPE case 5321667548 and found out the reason why the upgrade was failing.  The OneView appliance was managing a c7000 enclosure which had slot 1 and slot 2 populated with a HPE 6125XLG switch.

It seems that after I initially setup the HPE OneView appliance on a prior version there were some restrictions built into the product that prevent the use of enclosure managed mode with any interconnects that are not VirtualConnect modules.  This was not the case when I first setup this appliance and was only added as a constraint later on.

The use case is such:  The servers inside of this enclosure would have server profiles applied to take care of BIOS settings as well as firmware updates and optionally configuration of local storage.

My customer has purchased several OneView Advanced licenses for use on the BL460c servers in this enclosure but due to this constraint they have to run this enclosure in monitor only mode which prevents the use of firmware upgrades or server profiles.

I would like to ask that this artifical constraint requiring VC modules for managed enclosures be removed from the product.  Alternatively server features such as firmware upgrades and BIOS settings should be able to be performed with a OneView Advanced license regardless of the blade enclosure networking. (the same way the product worked prior to version 3.1.)


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Re: OneView Managed Enclosure Support for Non-VC Interconnects

@Kelly M Knowles, the support case you provided does not show that the upgrade failed due to an invalid Logical Interconnect Group configuration. But rather one of the defects we fixed in the 3.10.07 patch, which was an authorizations database table will fill up, preventing the upgrade to 3.10 to be successful.  HPE OneView has always supported Enclosures without Virtual Connect present, for the very use cases you have outlined.

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