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OneView Remote Backup Location SSH Key

Kelly M Knowles

OneView Remote Backup Location SSH Key

I would like to propose a feature request where the SSH host key can be obtained and confirmed on the Edit Backup Settings section.


This same method of manually populating the certificate used to be required for setting up LDAP / External Authentication and was very cumbersome.  I remember instructions given at that time included the use of OpenSSL 

I know that using BitVise SSH server has an relatively easy way to export this key since I have done this about 10 times for my customers but other SSH server implementations do not necessarily have an easy way to export their public key in ssh-rsa format.

It would be significantly more user friendly if the appliance was able to obtain the key and prompt the end user if the key was acceptable in the same manner that it does for secure LDAP connectivity with external directories.


Re: OneView Remote Backup Location SSH Key

Thank you for your feedback.  Your input helps us to prioritize features to be released in future versions of HPE OneView.

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