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OneView, VASA and certificates

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OneView, VASA and certificates

I have just installed HP SIM, IC and OneView for vCenter.


With respect to OneView, keen to take advantage of VASA with respect to our MSA 2040.


The OneView user guide recommends CA certificates rather than self-signed. Fair enough. But it is lite on info with regards to what type of cert to request? Computer, web server etc?


Using a Microsoft Server 2008 R2 CA.


Anyone have any experience in configuring OneView with certs from MS cert auth?





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Re: OneView, VASA and certificates

Welcome Steve to the HP OneView Community.


You mentioned that you installed Insight Control and the HP OneView for vCenter Plugin, but are asking for certificate management for HP OneView guidelines.  Are you referring to the HP OneView for vCenter Plugin, or something else?  CA managed crtificates are not required to work with the plugin, unless you do not want to be prompted to trust the self-sign certificate that is generated during installation.  If you wanted to generate your own, you will want to create a Web Server Certificate, not computer.

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Re: OneView, VASA and certificates

Hi Chris,


Thanks for getting back to me, much appreciated.


Decided to leave it with the default self-signed certificate but thanks for the repsonse. Handy to know it is a WS cert should I decide to implement CA certs.


I just wanted to check that VASA would operate with self-signed certs but your answer kind of confirms that and I've noticed the user guide only 'recommends' using CA certs, doesn't say it is a requirement.