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OneView Vs. iLO Amplifier Pack

Just wondering if anyone has made the move from OneView to iLO Amplifier Pack.

It seems to offer the same functionalities as OneView, but it's free.

What are the pros and cons?


Re: OneView Vs. iLO Amplifier Pack


iLO Amplifier Pack is a fast, massively scalable (10,000 servers) health, inventory and update management tool from HPE for iLO customers.  The base features of discovery, inventory, reports and core platform firmware update are free of license.  However full funcationality (email alerting, online and offline full firmware and software updates) require the iLO Advanced license.  The System Recovery feature requires the iLO Advanced Premium Security Edition License.

HPE OneView provides full infrastructure management – provisioning, monitoring, remote support and firmware management.  It is the core HPE software defined infrastructure management appliance and enables composability, being embedded into the HPE Synergy platform also.  It manages and provisions Servers, Storage and Networking via software defined templates, and also provides integration and composability via the integrated REST API for over 25 integrations, with more being added all the time.

So, similar core features, but vastly different depending on how far down the journey of software defined infrastructure and automation you are.


Re: OneView Vs. iLO Amplifier Pack

Amplifier looks like it has potential.  OneView manages the blade enclosures, also, which Amplifier does not do.  So, one can't completely replace the other.  If you don't have any blade servers, I could see considering it.  We use OneView and we're trying out Amplifier, since the reporting in OneView leaves a lot to be desired.  It seems to be gettitng a little better with each upgrade.  The OneView Global Dashboard seems to be the way HPE is going for reports.  It has more comprehensive reports than OneView.

Re: OneView Vs. iLO Amplifier Pack

Hi man 

After some years from your comment what could say about the new ONEVIEW versus iLO Amplifier Pack in an DL's , Blades C7000 and course Synergy Blades ?

Which is the best , the most complete tool ?


Best wishes