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OneView and VC Mac Addresses

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OneView and VC Mac Addresses

1) When importing a chassis full of blade servers into OneView with server profiles already defined in VCM, does OneView keep the MAC addresses whether they are manufacturer or assigned by the VCM or does it assign it's own set?

2) And related to that, if OneView keeps the MAC's, Is there a way to find out in an existing OneView instance if the imported MACs were manufacturer or VC assigned?

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Re: OneView and VC Mac Addresses

There are three alternatives for managing MAC and WWN information in HPE OneView. Which approach is best for your environment depends on whether you want to recreate HPE OneView server profiles with the identical MAC and WWN settings from your Virtual Connect environment, or whether you want HPE OneView to assign MACs and WWNs from either an auto generated or a customer defined pool of addresses. 

a. If you want to reuse MAC and WWN values from your Virtual Connect profiles in HPE OneView profiles, add connections with user-specified IDs. You can use the address information captured from the previous Virtual Connect Domain show commands or from the CSV export of profiles from the VCEM CLI if applicable. Addresses cannot be edited once the connection has been created for the profile. 

b. If you want HPE OneView to assign addresses to connections from a Virtual Connect pool of addresses, define custom address ranges in HPE OneView matching the address ranges used in the previous Virtual Connect environment. Add connections to profiles relying on the range settings to assign the connection address rather than assigning addresses manually for each connection.

 Note: There is a slight difference in the HPE OneView algorithm for assigning WWPN and WWNN values from the Virtual Connect algorithm. HPE OneView allocates the WWPN as the value of the WWNN+1. Virtual Connect uses the reverse order, allocating the WWNN as the value of the WWPN+1.

 c. You can also use Factory-assigned MACs and WWNs in HPE OneView just as you can in Virtual Connect.

 Please refer article with Virtual Connect Manager (VCM): HP-Defined MAC and WWN Address Ranges


 In OneView you can verify MAC and WWN Address Ranges from OneView-->Setting-->Address and Identifier  


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