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OneView - chain certificate

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OneView - chain certificate

I am running OneView 3.10 on a Synergy Composer.

I am attempting to import a certificate signed by a CA.  The certificate is signed by an intermediate CA.  When I import the certificate into OneView, it only presents the server certificate and not the intermediate CA, causing browsers to still report a certificate failure (as they only have the Root CA loaded, which signed the Intermediate CA).

I tried concatenating the server certificate and the intermediate certificate.  OneView reported that I needed the entire certificate chain, so I concatenated the server certificate, the intermediate cert, and the root cert.  OneVIew accepted this, but still only presents the server certificate, without the intermediate certificate.

Has anyone managed to install a signed certificate such that OneView will send the server certificate and the intermediate certificate, as this is what should happen with chained certificates?


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Re: OneView - chain certificate

Do different browsers give you the same error?

I know some products require the full chain concatendated in order, from root to intermediate and the server cert at the top of the file.