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OneView email alert feature request

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OneView email alert feature request

I would like to request a feature to see the timestamp of an alert included in the message body of the email alerts sent out by OneView.  The use case is: I had an event with a master VirtualConnect last night at 10 PM and more than 12 hours later I am still receiving inbound email alerts that correspond to items in the Activiy list from this event 12 hours ago - but without a timestamp in the body of the email I can't tell if this is an active, legitimate new alert of a repeat failure or simply an older alert trickling in from the already-resolved event last night,

Of course there is an "Alert details" hyperlink in each alert email, but it would be so much easier if I could simply see the alert timestamp in the alert email body.


Re: OneView email alert feature request

Hi Patrick, 


Please provide the below details. 

1. What is the OV version?

2. Copy paste the alert which you are receiving. (with / without timestamp)

3. what is the status of the alert in the OV ?

4. Are you receiving the alerts even after clearing them in OV ?

since you are requesting for a new feature to be added in the OV alerts, please let us know the above details, we can verify and update you. 


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