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OneView firmware updates to ESXi

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OneView firmware updates to ESXi

I'm trying to understand how firmware updates to ESXi 6.7 work.  In the server profile, I have defined: 

  • Firmware baseline is set to the latest SPP uploaded to OneView (2019.09).
  • Installation Method: Firmware and OS Drivers using Smart Update Tools
  • Activate firmware: in the server profile template I have this set to Immediately.  However, in the server profile, it is showing as Not scheduled.  Odd.

It just isn't working.  Any thoughts?

Also, in the server profile template and the server profile I created from that template, I have two active directory groups defined.  I can see these in both the template and profile on OneView.  In iLO, I can see that it is getting connected to AD, but neither of the groups is defined.  Any idea why the AD groups aren't getting transferred to iLO?


Re: OneView firmware updates to ESXi


I hope you have better luck getting a clear direction on this effort from HPE moderators.  There are so many caveats to getting OneView to do firmware updates its hard to keep track.  Gen10 was supposed to be easier; however, I have not had much luck either.

For a product (OneVIew) that is suppose to be the replacement for other HPE management tools, it certainly is still lacking in features and functionality - especially for DL models.


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Re: OneView firmware updates to ESXi

Nope, have not heard anything yet.  I guess I'll have to open a ticket.