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OneView for Synergy


I'm using SE100/F32 VC and I'm see errors on the dashboard showing that cables are plugged into the incorrect VC ports and it's not allowing me to complete the hardware setup. It's cabled in the same way as out previous Synergy. Am I correct in thinking that the cabling requirements have changed between the Synergy I and Synergy II models

I'm also having issues with the LIG and LE group creation

Normally I would create the networks, network sets and uplinks etc prior to adding the enclosure, which I've not done on this occasion - could that be it? I'm sure I've successfully added enclosures in the past and created the networks after.....


Re: OneView LE Group 'None Available' for Synergy

It's probably a mismatch in your LIGs or EG that doesn't match the actual hardware. [edit] I went back and re-read, "It created without any errors." 

What was created?

The sequence (ignoring networking) is LIGs => EG => select frame(s) during creation of => LE (which creates LIs).

If you're trying to create a new LE, you need all the frame(s) free that match your EG.  Click on the "guided setup" and show list of steps, scroll down to LE and read some of the conditions.

If you're trying to add a frame to an existing LE, that's considered a "grow" operation which is done by doing an 'update from group' and there's a best practices documented process for that.

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Re: OneView' for Synergy

Thanks - yes 

That was it - I had it incorreclty cabled which meant the hardware was being detected correctly and now the LIG is created ok.

Thanks for the advise on the sequence for LIGs and LE Groups